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Traditionally, many small businesses were built around generating a loyal customer base. Product alone was not enough - customers choose a supplier for the quality of service they received, the relationship they built up with the supplier, and the sense of trust they developed from knowing others who used the same business.

Now, the increased diversity of supply, growth in supermarkets, ease of travel and communication, and greater availability of product support and information, has significantly weakened those traditional bonds. For small businesses in competitive environements, reliance on customer loyalty is a risky strategy, particualrly when trading in a global market.

For 450, Far Design's SiteWright 'Community' gives you a mechanism of reinforcing the supplier-customer bond online. 'Community' allows you to create conversation and information channels between your business and your customers, drawing your customer base together through information and advice pooling.
Aleady have SiteWright?  Add 'Community' to your site for just 100
Far Design SiteWright Content Management and Hosting Package
Far Design SiteWright Content Management and Hosting Package - Community Product Overview
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