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Picture Browser provides an affordable solution for businesses or individuals requiring libraries of pictures or art work that can be viewed online.

Pictures are organised into one or more galleries which can be added to any part of your website. With the simplicity common to all the SiteWright product family, the gallery contents are easily maintained and organised though your web browser.

For 400, which includes the design and hosting of your website, SiteWright's Picture Browser will give your site visitors everything they need to search for and view images. You can even make galleries password protected to restrict who can view them - superb for families wanting to share photos with distant relatives without making them visible to the world at large.

For photographers, artists and galleries, SiteWright's Picture Browser includes the option for making images purchasable online, with high quality images collected online securely by your customers.
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Far Design SiteWright Content Management and Hosting Package
Far Design SiteWright Content Management and Hosting Package - Picture Browser Product Overview
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