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How many pages can my SiteWright site display?
SiteWright has no specific limit on the number of pages, only on the space they take up. If you make an image rich site that will limit you on the number of pages, but a basic assumption would be that you can easily achieve a 500+ page site.

I've never designed a web site before - can you help get me started?
The SiteWright package includes a day's free consultancy which should be sufficient to get your site laid out and ready to use. If you need more help, then just talk to us - we're always open to spend a little more time on a site, without charge, if it ensures you get the website you need. If you require significant support for multimedia design or custom templates then we will give you a fair quote for how much that would add to your site cost.
Can I have parts of my site managed by different members of staff?  I'd like to have each area of my business manage their own pages.
SiteWright is designed to let you do this.  You can register multiple site editors and restrict the pages each editor can update.
I know a lot about web design and programming - can I extend SiteWright with my own code?
We've incorporated some hooks into the design of SiteWright to allow more advanced customers to add in their own coding. We are also happy to load up your own templates into your site's library if you have a particular requirement for look-and-feel which you need to achieve. If you have a particularly interesting idea for a new SiteWright extension we're always looking to extend our product set and may consider using it on a profit share basis.

What ongoing help will I get with using SiteWright?
SiteWright comes with online help in the secure Administration Centre where you maintain your website. This includes guidance on using images, content layout, and using the SiteWright controls to improve search engine optimisation. If you get stuck you can also email us at

What is Far Design's Upgrade Policy?
Your annual hosting renewal fee includes free upgrading to the latest version of SiteWright and any extensions you have purchased.

What happens if I want to move my site away from Far Design's hosting service?
We will generate a working version of your SiteWright website which you can take to any hosting service provider. The working version will not include the dynamic management capabilities of the SiteWright Administration Centre or any dynamic tables such as product catalogues, but it will give you a snapshot of you website at the time of moving hosting supplier. If you use extension such as the order management service of BookIt! or Shopper you should bear in mind that these services will need to be rebuilt on your new hosting service as they are not transportable.  For more information please contact
Far Design SiteWright Content Management and Hosting Package
Far Design SiteWright Content Management and Hosting Package - SiteWright Questions and Answers
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